Uniting City and Country Road Trip

Julie's picture

Judy Elmslie recently travelled hundreds of kilometres with Julie Greig to talk with teachers of small schools about the Uniting City and Country project.
Judy wrote, “I was privileged to have the opportunity to accompany Julie Greig, coordinator of the Uniting City and Country project, as we visited several small isolated schools over the course of a week.

Hermidale public school has nine students, Girilambone has ten and Louth, 140ks west of Cobar, has six. All have very capable and dedicated staff and beautiful school facilities and grounds. All also have prominent school zone speed warning signs; one at Louth I'm told was installed around the corner in error! We travelled about 1500ks The country is looking green and full of promise after recent good rains. This was a most rewarding experience for this city girl.”