It's So Green

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It's always great to get out to the west, so when the Principal at Louth invited me to come and discuss the project I jumped at the chance. With Judy Elmslie, from Gordon Uniting Church, I travelled out to Girilambone for a meeting with Angela, the Principal of the local school. Angela is one of the organising Principals for the Small Schools Super Camp in 2017 and we needed to talk about some of the details of the Uniting Church being involved.

The next day Judy and I headed out to Louth to meet with Troy and discuss the possibility of his school joining the project. I've been out to Louth a number of times but I've never seen it so green. All the rain this year has left the countryside looking like a golf course. It was wonderful to behold.

It was a great meeting with Troy and the 6 students at the school. Judy was very intrigued that they had installed a flashing light school zone sign on the tiny dirt roads outside each of the schools - traffic about 3-5 cars per school day.

Back to Cobar for the night and dinner with Jo Smalbil, the Patrol minister based there, her husband Lou, and some visitors from Uniting Mission and Education, who were making a video about Jo's work.

Headed back east the next day, stopping at Hermidale school on the way to visit with staff and students (9) there. Arrived back in Bathurst in time for tea. 1400km in 3 days.

Tiring - yes, but also great fun to meet with people in the tiny communities. Making these links is what the project is all about.

(You can see more photos of the trip in the photo gallery at the bottom of the page)