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Uniting City and Country Road Trip

Judy Elmslie recently travelled hundreds of kilometres with Julie Greig to talk with teachers of small schools about the Uniting City and Country project.
Judy wrote, “I was privileged to have the opportunity to accompany Julie Greig, coordinator of the Uniting City and Country project, as we visited several small isolated schools over the course of a week.

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It's So Green

It's always great to get out to the west, so when the Principal at Louth invited me to come and discuss the project I jumped at the chance. With Judy Elmslie, from Gordon Uniting Church, I travelled out to Girilambone for a meeting with Angela, the Principal of the local school. Angela is one of the organising Principals for the Small Schools Super Camp in 2017 and we needed to talk about some of the details of the Uniting Church being involved.

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